All Life Is Yoga: Sri Aurobindo – His Life and Work (eBook)


All Life Is Yoga: Sri Aurobindo – His Life and Work (eBook)

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Sri Aurobindo was very emphatic in stating that only he could write truly about himself; but he never wrote any comprehensive or systematic account of his life. Only in his correspondence with his disciples and others he sometimes explained points by incidentally referring to some event in his own life or some experience in his own Yogic development. Also on a few occasions he corrected misleading statements concerning him published in some journals and books and gave notes about some points in his life to three of his biographers who had submitted their manuscripts to him for verification. Some of this material has been compiled and presented in a systematic arrangement. In addition, statements by the Mother about Sri Aurobindo and his life and work were added.

"Besides, it would be only myself who could speak of things in my past, giving them their true form and significance." (Sri Aurobindo)



I. Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram

  • 1. Early Life and Career
  • a) Photo Gallery I (14 Photos)
  • 2. Political Life
  • a) Photo Gallery II (20 Photos)
  • 3. Spiritual Life
  • a) Photo Gallery III (46 Photos)

II. The Ashram and the Teaching

  • 1. Sri Aurobindo‘s Asram
  • 2. Sri Aurobindo‘s Teaching

III. Sri Aurobindo‘s Messages

  • 1. Uttarpara Speech
  • 2. A Message to the West
  • 3. The Fifteenth of August 1947

IV. Sri Aurobindo‘s Birthdays 1923-1926

  • 1. The Fifteenth of August 1923
  • 2. Celebration of the 15th of August 1924
  • 3. 15th of August 1925
  • 4. The Meaning of the 15th of August

V. Sri Aurobindo on Himself

  • 1. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as Avataras
  • 2. Identity of Consciousness and Path

VI. The Mother on Sri Aurobindo

  • 1. Sri Aurobindo
  • 2. Mahasamadhi
  • 3. Eternal Presence
  • 4. Work and Teaching
  • 5. Sri Aurobindo‘s Symbol


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