Stotravali – A Book of Hymns, Prayers and Praises in Sanskrit

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In the devotional literature of the world, hymns and prayers occupy an important place. This is especially true of Sanskrit, where we find some of the most beautiful hymns or stotras ever written.

This collection of stotras are the hymns that arise from the devotee’s heart. There is in this seeking for the Divine all the varied sentiments and passions, all the many moods and experience of love. In the intensity of this love there is no distance or fear. Many of the hymns have been written by great Yogis and sages like Shankaracharya, Madhavacharya and Vallabhacharya.

All the stotras have been given in the original Sanskrit, with their transliterations as well as translations into English.

To read them or to listen to them is to heighten and deepen one’s own inner quest by experiencing the bliss and the adoration of the true devotee.

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