All Life Is Yoga: Meditation (eBook)


All Life Is Yoga: Meditation (eBook)

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Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on meditation in Integral Yoga.

"What do you call meditation? Shutting the eyes and concentrating? It is only one method for calling down the true consciousness. To join with the true consciousness or feel its descent is the only thing important and if it comes without the orthodox method, as it always did with me, so much the better. Meditation is only a means or device, the true movement is when even walking, working or speaking one is still in sadhana." (Sri Aurobindo)



  • What is Meditation
  • How to Meditate
  • Difficulties of Meditation
  • True Meditation
  • Collective Meditation
  • Concentration – Nature and Importance
  • How to Concentrate
  • Centres of Concentration
  • The True Solitude
  • When You Have Some Leisure


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