All Life Is Yoga: Love (eBook)

All Life Is Yoga: Love (eBook)

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Format: EPUB
First edition 2018

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on human and divine love.

"Each time an individual breaks the narrow limitations in which he is imprisoned by his ego and emerges into the open air, through self-giving, whether for the sake of another human being or his family, his country or his faith, he finds in this self-forgetfulness a foretaste of the marvellous delight of love, and this gives him the impression that he has come into contact with the Divine. But most often it is only a fleeting contact, for in the human being love is immediately mixed with lower egoistic movements which debase it and rob it of its power of purity." - The Mother


Section 1 – Origin and Purpose of Love

  • What Is Love?
  • The True Purpose of Love
  • Love Is Everywhere
  • The First Expression of Love and the Summit of Its Ascent
  • Love Does Not Destroy – It Transforms

Section 2 – Human Love

  • What Men Call Love and True Love
  • Love Between Two Human Beings
  • What Kind of Love Do Animals Have for Men?
  • Love at First Sight
  • Vital Love and Sexual Desire

Section 3 – The Way Towards True Love

  • Learn to Love
  • The Way of True Love
  • Learn from Flowers
  • Divine Love Is Always There

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