All Life Is Yoga: True Leadership (eBook)

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Format: EPUB
First edition December 2017

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on management, hierarchy and leadership.

"...the individuals who will most help the future of humanity in the new age will be those who will recognise a spiritual evolution as the destiny and therefore the great need of the human being. Even as the animal man has been largely converted into a mentalised and at the top a highly mentalised humanity, so too now or in the future an evolution or conversion - it does not greatly matter which figure we use or what theory we adopt to support it - of the present type of humanity into a spiritualised humanity is the need of the race and surely the intention of Nature; that evolution or conversion will be their ideal and endeavour. They will be comparatively indifferent to particular belief and form and leave men to resort to the beliefs and forms to which they are naturally drawn. They will only hold as essential the faith in this spiritual conversion, the attempt to live it out and whatever knowledge - the form of opinion into which it is thrown does not so much matter - can be converted into this living. They will especially not make the mistake of thinking that this change can be effected by machinery and outward institutions; they will know and never forget that it has to be lived out by each man inwardly or it can never be made a reality for the kind. They will adopt in its heart of meaning the inward view of the East which bids man seek the secret of his destiny and salvation within; but also they will accept, though with a different turn given to it, the importance which the West rightly attaches to life and to the making the best we know and can attain the general rule of all life." - SRI AUROBINDO


  • The Real Leader Is Within Oneself
  • Always Better. Forward
  • Be an Example
  • Conditions for Being a True Leader
  • Ways to Solve a Problem
  • What the Mother Wants to Bring About
  • Orchestration and Hierarchy
  • Outer and Inner Discipline and Organisation
  • Human Relations
  • Right Attitude
  • A Strong Being Is Always Quiet
  • Integral Faith and Patience
  • Fullness of the Fourfold Personality
  • The Individuals Who Will Most Help the Future of Humanity

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