All Life Is Yoga: Concentration (eBook)

All Life Is Yoga: Concentration (eBook)

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Format: EPUB
First edition 2018, pp. 60

"Concentration does not mean meditation; on the contrary, concentration is a state one must be in continuously, whatever the outer activity. By concentration I mean that all the energy, all the will, all the aspiration must be turned only towards the Divine and His integral realisation in our consciousness." – The Mother


Part 1: Concentration – Its Importance in Life

  • Concentration – Indispensable in Life
  • Two Practical Examples

Part 2: Introduction

  • What is Yogic Concentration
  • Two Purposes of Concentration
  • Its Prime Importance
  • Purity and Concentration
  • Difference Between Concentration and Meditation

Part 3: Practical Guidance

  • Some Words of Guidance
  • Two Questions and Answers
  • How to Cultivate Concentration
  • A Method of Learning Identification

Part 4: The Discipline

  • Where to Concentrate
  • Concentration in the Heart
  • Concentration in or above the Head
  • Integral Yoga and Concentration
  • The Aim of Concentration in Rajayoga
  • The Aim of Concentration in Integral Yoga
  • A Profound Meaning of Concentration
  • A Profound Meaning of Samadhi
  • Three Processes to Arrive at this Divine Status
  • Consummation of Concentration

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