Software für Menschen aller Altersgruppen, Nationalität und Glaubensrichtungen, die etwas über den Integralen Yoga wissen möchten und seine spirituelle Essenz verstehen wollen.

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The Wonder that is Sanskrit

Artikel-Nr.: 2-903-001

The Wonder that is Sanskrit contains two CDs: Devabhasha and Ashtavadhanam. They present the wonders of Sanskrit to even those who have had no previous contact with the language.

Note: The multimedia CDs are currently compatible with Windows OS only.

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Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Artikel-Nr.: 2-903-224

This multimedia CD, brought out after intensive research, contains the entire 700 verses of the Gita in Devanagari and English, chanting, the entire text of the “Essays on the Gita” by Sri?Aurobindo, extensive indexes and miscellaneous writings. Hundreds of visuals have been used to give each page its own mood and atmosphere, at times bordering on the sublime. A CD meant not just for spiritual seekers, philosophers, researchers, but for people of all age groups, nations, belief.

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Selected Works of Sri Aurobindo

Artikel-Nr.: 978-81-7058-574-9

Specially designed programs for Windows and Macintosh allow you to read the texts on your computer screen and to conduct searches on phrases or combination of words.

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